Stock Rom Update



Model Region Version AP/PDA CSC/OLB Links
GT-M3510 THL M3510DXID1 Download
GT-M7500 THL Download
GT-M7603 THL Download
GT-S3100 THL S3100DXIH4 S3100OLAIH3 Download
GT-S3353 THL S3353DXKB2 S3353OLAJK3 Download
GT-S3370 THL S3370DXJE3 Download
GT-S3500 THL S3500DXIC1 S3500OLAID1 Download
GT-S3500I THL S3500IDXJB1 S3500IOLAJB1 Download
GT-S3600 THL S3600DXJB1 Download
GT-S3600I THL S3600IDXJF1 S3600IOLAJF2 Download
GT-S3650C THL Download
GT-S3653 THL Download
GT-S3653W THL S3653WDXJH3 Download
GT-S3770 THL S3770DXKG5 S3770OLAKG5 Download
GT-S3800W THL S3800WDXML1 Download
GT-S3800W THL S3800WDXME2 Download
GT-S3850 THL Download
GT-S5150 THL S5150DXJD3 S5150OLAJD1 Download
GT-S5200 THL S5200DXIE5 Download
GT-S5230 THL S5230XPJK1 Download
GT-S5233S THL S5233SDXIJ1 Download
GT-S5233T THL Download
GT-S5233W THL Download
GT-S5253 THL S5253DXJL1 Download
GT-S5301 BHT 4.0.4 S5301XXAMC2 S5301BHTAMC1 Download
GT-S5301 THL 4.0.4 S5301XXALJ8 S5301PROALK1 Download
GT-S5310 THL 4.1.2 S5310DXAMK2 S5310OLBAMI2 Download
GT-S5312 THL 4.1.2 S5312XXAME4 S5312OLBAME4 Download
GT-S5350 THL Download
GT-S5550 THL Download
GT-S5560 THL S5560DXIL2 Download
GT-S5570 THL 2.3.6 S5570DXKT6 S5570OLBKT3 Download
GT-S5570B THL 2.3.4 S5570BDCKP5 S5570BTHLKP5 Download
GT-S5570I THL 2.3.6 S5570IDXLF2 S5570IOLBLF2 Download
GT-S5603 THL Download
GT-S5620 THL S5620DXJJ1 Download
GT-S5660 THL 2.3.6 S5660DXKT8 S5660OLBKT8 Download
GT-S5660 XSE 2.3.6 S5660DXKT4 S5660OLBKT4 Download
GT-S5670 THL 2.3.6 S5670DXKT7 S5670OLBKT7 Download
GT-S5670 THL 2.2.1 S5670DXKA4 S5670OLBKA4 Download
GT-S5780D THL S5780DDXKF1 Download
GT-S5830 THL 2.3.6 S5830DXKT6 S5830OLBKT3 Download
GT-S5830I THL 2.3.6 S5830IDXMB1 S5830IOLBLD1 Download
GT-S6310 THL 4.1.2 S6310DXAME1 S6310OLBAME1 Download
GT-S6310B THL 4.1.2 S6310BDCAMF1 S6310BTHWAMD1 Download
GT-S6310T THL 4.1.2 S6310TDVAMH2 S6310TXSAAMH2 Download
GT-S6500 THL 2.3.6 S6500DXMH1 S6500OLBMH1 Download
GT-S6500 THL 2.3.6 S6500XXMD1 S6500XXMD1 Download
GT-S6500D THL 2.3.6 S6500DDXMH1 S6500DOLBMH1 Download
GT-S6500D THL 2.3.6 S6500DDXLD1 S6500DOLBLD1 Download
GT-S6802 THL 2.3.6 S6802DXLF3 S6802OLBLF3 Download
GT-S6802 THL 2.3.6 S6802DXMA1 S6802OLBLF3 Download
GT-S7070C THL S7070CDXJC1 Download
GT-S7220 THL S7220DXIC1 Download
GT-S7233 THL S7233OLBJJ4 Download
GT-S7233E THL S7233EOLBJK1 Download
GT-S7270 THL 4.2.2 S7270XXUANA2 S7270OLBANA2 Download
GT-S7270 THL 4.2.2 S7270XXUANI1 S7270OLBANI2 Download
GT-S7270L THW 4.2.2 S7270LDCAMG1 S7270LTHWAMG1 Download
GT-S7270L THW 4.2.2 S7270LDCANC1 S7270LTHWANC1 Download
GT-S7275R XME 4.2.2 S7275RXXUANA3 S7275ROLBANA1 Download
GT-S7330 THL S7330DXHI2 Download
GT-S7350 THL S7350DXIC3 Download
GT-S7392 THL 4.1.2 S7392DXUANA3 S7392OLBANA2 Download
GT-S7500 THL 2.3.6 S7500DXMG3 S7500DXMG3 Download
GT-S7500 THL 2.3.6 S7500DXLF1 S7500OLBLF1 Download
GT-S7500L THL 2.3.6 S7500LDCLG1 S7500LTHLLC2 Download
GT-S7500L THL 2.3.6 S7500LDCLF2 S7500LTHLLC2 Download
GT-S7560 THL 4.0.4 S7560XXAMJ2 S7560OLBAMJ2 Download
GT-S7562 THL 4.0.4 S7562XXBMJ1 S7562OLBBMK2 Download
GT-S7562 THL 4.0.4 S7562XXBMJ1 S7562OLBBMJ1 Download
GT-S7580 THL 4.2.2 S7580XXUAML3 S7580OLBAML1 Download
GT-S7580 THL 4.2.2 S7580XXUBNK2 S7580OLBBNK1 Download
GT-S7582 THL 4.2.2 S7582XXUAML5 S7582OLBAML3 Download
GT-S7582 THL 4.2.2 S7582XXUANC2 S7582OLBANB1 Download
GT-S7582 THL 4.2.2 S7582XXUANH4 S7582OLBANH1 Download
GT-S7582 THL 4.2.2 S7582XXUANK5 S7582OLBANK1 Download
GT-S7582L THW 4.2.2 S7582LDCUANC4 S7582LTHWANC2 Download
GT-S7582L THW 4.2.2 S7582LDCUANI1 S7582LTHWANI2 Download
GT-S8500 THL S8500DXLD1 Download
GT-S8530 THL S8530DXKB1 Download
GT-S8600 THL S8600DXKK6 Download
SC-02C DCM 4.0.3 SC02COMLPL SC02CDCMLPL Download
SC-04E DCM 4.4.2 SC04EOMUFNI3 SC04EDCMFNI3 Download
SC-04F DCM 4.4.2 SC04FOMU1VNF9 SC04FDCM1VNF9 Download
SC-06D DCM 4.1.2 SC06DOMBMK2 SC06DDCMBMK2 Download
SC-06D DCM 4.0.4 SC06DOMALF5 SC06DOMALF5 Download
SCH-P709E MYM 4.3 P709EKEUANI2 P709EMYMANI2 Download
SGH-B100 THL B100DXHA4 Download
SGH-B110 THL B110DXHC1 Download
SGH-B130S THL B130SDXHE2 Download
SGH-B200 THL B200DXHH1 Download
SGH-B300 THL B300DXHD6 Download
SGH-B500 THL B500DXHE1 Download
SGH-C100 THL C100DCDA2 Download
SGH-C130 THL C130DXFJ1 Download
SGH-C130B THL C130BDXGC4 Download
SGH-C140 THL C140DXGG1 Download
SGH-C160 THL C160DXGD2 Download
SGH-C160B THL C160BDXGI1 Download
SGH-C170 THL C170DXGG3 Download
SGH-C170B THL C170BDXHD2 Download
SGH-C200 THL C200DCEA1 Download
SGH-C210 THL C210DXEH1 Download
SGH-C230 THL C230DCEE2 Download
SGH-C250 THL C250DXGB4 Download
SGH-C260 THL C260DXGB4 Download
SGH-C300 THL C300DXGB1 Download
SGH-C300B THL C300BDXGE1 Download
SGH-C450 THL C450DXGJ1 Download
SGH-E200 THL E200DXGE4 Download
SGH-E210 THL E210DXHA1 Download
SGH-E250D THL E250DDXHD1 Download
SGH-E250I THL E250IDXIB4 Download
SGH-E251 THL E251DXHF2 Download
SGH-E310 THL E310DCEF1 Download
SGH-E330 THL E330DCEA2 Download
SGH-E350 THL E350DXFJ2 Download
SGH-E360 THL E360DXFF1 Download
SGH-E370 THL E370DXFI2 Download
SGH-E420 THL E420XEGA3 Download
SGH-E500 THL E500DXFI4 Download
SGH-E530 THL E530DXEJ2 Download
SGH-E570 THL E570DXGE1 Download
SGH-E590 THL E590DXGH1 Download
SGH-E600 THL E600DCDG3 Download
SGH-E610 THL E610DXEB4 Download
SGH-E630 THL E630DCEC1 Download
SGH-E640 THL E640DXFH1 Download
SGH-E690 THL E690DXGG2 Download
SGH-E700 THL E700DCDC1 Download
SGH-E720 THL Download
SGH-E730 THL E730DXEI1 Download
SGH-E760 THL E760DXFF2 Download
SGH-E770 THL E770DXFB2 Download
SGH-E800 THL E800DCDL1 Download
SGH-E810 THL E810DCEA2 Download
SGH-E820 THL E820BODFA Download
SGH-E830 THL E830DXGD2 Download
SGH-E840 THL E840DXGE8 Download
SGH-E870 THL E870DXFD6 Download
SGH-E890 THL E890DXGE1 Download
SGH-E900 THL E900DXGA2 Download
SGH-E950 THL E950DXGL1 Download
SGH-F200 THL F200DXHB1 Download
SGH-F210 THL F210DXHB2 Download
SGH-F250 THL F250DXHC1 Download
SGH-F300 THL F300DXGE1 Download
SGH-F330 THL Download
SGH-F400 THL Download
SGH-F480 THL Download
SGH-F480I THL F480IDXII1 Download
SGH-G400 THL Download
SGH-G600 THL G600DXHA2 Download
SGH-G800 THL Download
SGH-I450 THL I450XEGK5 Download
SGH-I700 THL I700DXEA2 Download
SGH-I780 THL I780DXHC4 Download
SGH-I900 THL I900DXIA5 Download
SGH-J200 THL Download
SGH-J600 THL J600DXHA2 Download
SGH-J700 THL J700DXHC3 Download
SGH-L170 THL Download
SGH-L600 THL L600DXGK1 Download
SGH-L700 THL L700DXHH4 Download
SGH-L760 THL L760XXGG2 Download
SGH-M110 THL M110DXHA2 Download
SGH-M150 THL M150DXHI2 Download
SGH-M200 THL M200DXHJ6 Download
SGH-M300 THL M300DXGJ2 Download
SGH-M600 THL M600DXGG4 Download
SGH-M610 THL M610DXGH3 Download
SGH-M620 THL M620DXIE2 Download
SGH-P300 THL P300DXFI2 Download
SGH-P520 THL P520DXHA3 Download
SGH-P730 THL P730DCEF1 Download
SGH-P850 THL P850DXFF1 Download
SGH-S300 THL S300DCDC2 Download

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